AZTECH – All-in-one Solution for 10 problems Business might meet while developing a standard website in 2022

1. Consult, and design a Website interface that is suitable for the Business field. Improve customer’s experiences on the Website

Designing a website must be mindful of many aspects. Firstly, you must determine your target viewers, the purposes of the designs, then the website quality, and how it can please the customers with the information. To effectively consult the website design, we hold all information related to your business field to suggest templates that have the suitable design and features.

With AZTech website design services, Customers will completely be attracted by the novel, eye-catching interface, and importantly, they can find all information that they need on your website. AZTech’s staff will support you with all the marketing advertising tools that are effective and help boost the interactions of the visitors.

2. Optimize the Website with Google Search tools – Help Customers can find your business website on Google

thiết kế website cho doanh nghiệp

Search Engine Optimization (or S.E.O) is seen as the most effective way of Marketing Online. If your website appears on Google and other Search engines, you will gain a big quantity of visitors free from the Internet – from there, you can earn a big amount of customers and increase your sale.
The core of S.E.O is professionalism and credibility. With us, you will be assured of that. From the experience and professional S.E.O skills we have, you just need to make inquiries, we will give you the solution to S.E.O the keywords on the Google top as fast as possible. Owning a website with high-rank keywords in your fields is what all businesses want to have. Tell us what you need, and we will make it a reality.

3. Consult & Support Domain and Hosting Registration. Help manage, remind and extend

You can’t own a website without having a domain. Just like an address, the domain helps your customers reach your website.

Do you know that there are many domain names that are very popular, with our professional services, we will choose a perfect fitting domain name that isn’t similar to any other brand. After a period of time, your domain and hosting will need to be extended. We will make sure to notify you via phone call, or email to remind you and help you extend them.

4. Extra image, banner, and website content package

A website with a clear layout, corrective content, and eye-catching images will be the key point to attracting customers and making them stay longer on your website.

With all of the professional knowledge, we are proud of the ability to design advertising banners that are attractive to the visitors, and posts that are up to the SEO Standard, which can appear on the high Top of google and help improve the conversion rate.

5. Intergrating Communitions tools on the website for customers: live chat, skype social sharing (facebook, G+, Twitter, Youtube…)

Nothing is more convenient than the ability to communicate online on the website (live chat, skype) with your customers about the products, and the services of your business. Integrating the “share button” on the top social share site (Facebook, G+, Twitter, Youtube…) will boost your site traffic.

6. Website design that is friendly with all (mobile, tablet, PC)  on all browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, CocCoc…)

Thiết kế website tương thích trên mobile

Today, 80% of customers use smartphone to access the Internet daily. Designing a website that is compatible with mobile is the inevitable trend in the digital technology business. Google appreciates websites that are friendly with mobiles, tablets, etc. The more friendly your website interface with smart devices, your sale process will become much easier to improve.

7. Help assign the Website on Google Maps and the Ministry of International Trade and Industry

Upload your business onto Google Maps will help you reach your customers easier, and be more professional in promoting your business.

Assigning with the Ministry of International Trade and Industry is compulsory for all e-commerce websites and websites that provide services online. We can assist you in completing the registration procedure on your behalf.

8. Help spread your Business brand online through the satellite Website system: Fanpage, G+, Youtube, Twitter, BlogSpot, Google Site, WordPress…

The first benefit of the sattelite website systems is the sustainability of a business on the search engine. It is completely Google-friendly, has no reliance on forum links, and paid texts, and is low cost. It also helps your website avoid the Google sweeps when it changes its algorithms, increased your traffic, brand awareness.

9. Install all analyzing tools and evaluate the effectiveness of your Website: Web Mastertool, Google Analytics, SEO Yoast…

An aspect of managing a website is how to improve its performance. Following the website activities with analyzing tools (Web Mastertool, Google Analytics, SEO Yoast…) is a way to find the advantages, and disadvantages of your website, the information that your visitors are interested in, etc. From that, the admin can perform activities to optimize the performance of your website.

10. Information Security & Back up data constantly

We respect and commit to protecting your personal information. The Privacy Policy will base on the commitment of two parties to collecting, using, and disclosing private information. Constantly back up the needed information related to all transactions. Saving personal data and building trust for you is very important to us.

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